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  • View a wonderful presentation of old photographs of Lincoln, Waldo, and Knox County Maine from the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company Collection at the Penobscot Marine Museum.
  • The photos (large .pdf file) displayed in this file were taken with permission from a slide show given by Kevin Johnson, Archivist of the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport. Enjoy these old pictures of Warren, Jefferson, and other locations in mid-coast Maine.

  • Old Turnpike Road in Camden, Maine
    Old Turnpike Road in Camden, Maine. From the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company Glass Plate Collection at the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine. Reproduced with permission.

    Hartt, DeMott and Darling Families of Long Island, NY

  • Emma Demott, wife of Charles Mortimer Wiske
  • Mr. Demott, probably the father of Emma Demott, in Stony Brook, Long Island. Writing on back of photo in an old family album says "Mr. Demott in Stony Brook, Long [Island]"
  • Conklin Hartt(1805-1881), photo courtesy of Elizabeth Hartt Griffin; Conklin is buried in the New Milford Cemetery in New Milford Pennsylvania. He was a handsome man.
  • Amy Hartt, widow of Samuel Hartt renounced her right to administer his estate in 792 (Smithtown, Suffolk Co., NY)
  • Inventory of the Estate of Samuel Hartt of Smithtown. Samuel Hartt died in Smithtown, NY in 1792. The Inventory was made by his son, Philetus Hartt. (page1)
  • Inventory of the Estate of Samuel Hartt of Smithtown. Samuel Hartt died in Smithtown, NY in 1792. The Inventory was made by his son, Philetus Hartt. (page 2) Note that Lemuel Hartt, son of Samuel Hartt, signed the inventory upside down.
  • Bond of Philetus Hartt and Zadoch Hartt, sons of Samuel Hartt, given to administer the Estate of Samuel Hartt of Smithtown (1792).
  • Philetus Hartt granted letters of Administration for Estate of Samuel Hartt (died 1792 Smithtown, Suffolk, NY)
  • Early map of New Milford township in Pennsylvania 1830 - Shows location of the Hart family in yellow. Stephen Hartt, son of Samuel Hartt of Suffolk County, New York, came to New Milford in 1817. (Map from a New Milford Town History courtesy of Elizabeth Hartt Griffin.)
  • Early map of New Milford township in Pennsylvania 1855-60. Shows location of Conklin Hartt in yellow. (Map from a New Milford Town History courtesy of Elizabeth Hartt Griffin.)
  • Death Notice of Tabitha Hartt, nee Tabitha Darling, wife of Samuel Hartt.

  • West Virginia

  • University of West Virginia, Morgantown, 1896. Paul McCoy graduated from University of W. Verginia in 1898. This picture of UWV is in the 1896 yearbook, the first year that a yearbook was published by UWV.
  • Map of Fairmont, WV showing J.W. McCoy home. This old map of Fairmont, Marion Co., WV, shows where John William McCoy lived on Locust Avenue. this map is from the late 1900's. Note that John W. McCoy lives next to J.G. Nesbit. One of J.W. McCoy's daughters, Sarah J. McCoy married Charles T. Nesbit. Looks like she married the boy next door.
  • Map of Morgantown, WV c. 1785 showing John Evans. This map, from Callahan's The Making of Morgantown, shows part of the original plan for the town in 1785. John Evans, Sr. can be seen next to his son Nimrod Evans. John Evans, Jr. has land along the Monongahela River.
  • 205 Locust Ave., Fairmont WV, Home of John W. McCoy.205 Locust Avenue, Fairmont, WV., home of John William McCoy and Delia Maria Evans McCoy, who both died there in 1902 and 1900. Their daughters, Sallie and Minnie, lived in the home until their 90's with their sister-in-law, Kate, (formerly Kate MacDonald),who married Ernest T. McCoy. This picture was taken in 1998 by Carol P. McCoy.
  • Painting of Colonel John Evans' cabin. This paining of Colonel John Evans' pioneer cabin appears on the cover of Core's Monongalia Story Vol. II. Col. John Evans played an important role in the early development of Morgantown, WV
  • View of Fairmont WV from McCoy attic. This picture was taken in June 2003 by Carol McCoy from the old McCoy homestead at 205 Locust Avenue, Fairmont, WV. While the house is in poor repair, there are great views from the attic.
  • Fairmont WV 1915. Fairmont was the home of John William McCoy and my grandfather, Paul McCoy.

  • McCoy Family of Ireland and West Virginia

  • McCoys in Fairmont WV about 1927. Shows the McCoy siblings (children of John William McCoy and Delia Evans McCoy) and their wives, including Paul and Connie McCoy; Ernest and Kate McCoy; Minnie McCoy; Sallie McCoy.
  • Paul McCoy, Phi Kappa Psi 1896. From the University of West Virginia Yearbook of 1896. Paul McCoy is on the extreme left in the second row of his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, at University of W. Virginia in 1896.
  • Paul McCoy at age 16. Paul McCoy, future husband of Connie Pollock, in Fairmont, WV 1890
  • John William McCoy and Delia Maria Evans McCoy. John William McCoy (1826-1902) married Delia Maria Evans (1830-1900) on May 29, 1855 in Morgantown. Delia Evans was the daughter of Rawley Evans and Mariah C. Dering, and the granddaughter of Colonel John Evans and Rebecca Ann Martin of Morgantown. John William McCoy was the son of Joseph McCoy, Jr. who married Jane Martin in 1823 near Middlebourne, Tyler Co., VA.
  • Letter about death of Joseph McCoy 1 Nov 1877. Letter from Ralph Gorrell (husband of Mattie McCoy Gorrell) to Mattie's brother, John William McCoy.
  • Marriage of Nancy McCoy to Thomas Erwin, WV 1854. Certified marriage record of Nancy McCoy (daughter Joseph McCoy and Jane Martin; sister of John William McCoy) to Thomas Erwin, Saddler in Tyler Co. WV 4 May 1854. This was Nancy's only marriage and Thomas Erwin's second marriage since he was a widow. Photocopy of this record certified in 1893 is in Nancy Erwin's Civil War Widow's Pension File for Thomas Erwin's Civil War Service in the WV Union Army; pension filed 1893; original records are at NARA in Washington, D.C.
  • Sarah McCoy Furbee's Affidavit for Nancy Erwin. From the Civil War Pension File of Nancy Erwin, Widow of Thomas Erwin. Pension File located at National Archives, Washington, D.C. Sarah Jane McCoy Furbee wrote an affidavit for her sister Nancy Erwin McCoy. (They were sisters of John William McCoy.) Sarah, who was 65 then, and Nancy both lived in Mannington, Marion Co. WV. Sarah testifies that she was present at the marriage of Thomas Erwin to Nancy McCoy, and at the funeral of Thomas Erwin. She also states that Nancy Erwin never remarried. This affidavite, stamped by the US Pension Office 7 June 1893, is part of Nancy Erwin's Civil War Widow's Pension file for Thomas Erwin who served in Company P of the 6th WV Infantry. Nancy Erwin's Widow's Application File 558288 certificate number 475746 is on file at NARA in Washington, D.C. This file contains many wonderful records and affidavits from several Furbees, including Walter, James H., James S., and Guy.
  • Marker of Joseph McCoy, Jr. died 1 Nov 1877 Tyler WV. Photo of tombstone of Joseph McCoy, junior in Polly Archer Cemetery, Tyler County, WV. Photo of tombstone of Joseph McCoy, Jr., husband of Jane Martin McCoy, father of John William McCoy. Joseph died 1 Nov 1877 aged 91 years 8 months and 13 days. Photo taken by Carol P. McCoy June 2003 in the Polly Archer Confederate Cemetery south of Middlebourne, Tyler Co. WV. This cemetery is in the middle of a cow pasture in back of a dairy farm. It is removed from the Archer Chapel Cemetery, which contains the remains the Union Sympathizers in the Civil War. Joseph McCoy is buried next to his wife, Jane Martin, whose stone has fallen over. He is near to his oldest son, James Charles McCoy. Also in the confederate cemetery is Roberta Laidley, who died as a young woman, daughter of Margaret McCoy and George S. Laidley.
  • Joseph Melville McCoy and Ella Peterson McCoy Formal portraits of Joseph Melville McCoy (1854-1937), son of Joseph McCoy, Jr. and Jane Martin, and oldest brother of John William McCoy. He is next to his bride, Ella Peterson (1866-1951). Joseph and Ella married in Washington, D.C. in 1885. This photo is courtesy of Ellen McFarland Sutton, who is the grand-daughter of Joseph and Ella McCoy.
  • Passenger List of McCoys Arriving in 1802. John McCoy and Esther McCarty McCoy came on the ship Mohawk to Philadelphia with their children. NARA Series Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Philadelphia PA 1800-1882, Series 425, Roll 3, Arrivals from Jan 2-Aug 30, 1802, Lists 1-173. Ship Mohawk sailed from Londonderry to Wilmington and Philadelphia and arrived on 6 July 1802 with numerous McCoys. Passengers 52-57 were John, James, Hesther, John, Sarah and Joseph McCoy. (This family came with 2 chests and one bundle!). Presumably John and Hesther McCoy were the parents. Joseph was Joseph McCoy, Jr., who later wed Jane Martin. In a separate grouping are passengers 108-110--Jane, Abraham and Margaret McCoy, who most likely were children of John and Hesther McCoy as well. They had one chest and one bundle. (Note: both genealogy.com and ancestry.com indicate that only one John McCoy was on this vessel, however, the passenger list clearly shows there were two Johns. This McCoy family settled in the Shenandoah Valley and moved to Ohio County (later Tyler Co.) VA (later WV) about 1808.

  • Family of Koppelman Wollner and Caroline Fleischman

  • Koppelman Wollner's Death Certificate. Koppelman Wollner, father of Julia Wollner Pollak, died on Dec. 14, 1884 at 65 Canal St., where he ran his restaurant in NYC.
  • Julia Wollner Pollak with her grandson Rue.
  • Marker of Solomon Mitchell Grouse & Kate Wollner Grouse. Kate Wollner, sister of Julie Wollner, married Solomon Mitchell Grouse in 1872. They are both buried in Salem Fields, Queens, NY. Solomon. This photo of their markers was taken on 3 March 2003. Note, that Kate Grouse's dates: March 6, 1853-Oct. 9, 1935, most likely shaves a few years off her real age.
  • Koppel Wollner in NYC 1870 census. Koppel Wollner's name was misspelled as Koppel Vollmer. He is in the 10th Ward, 8th District, on p. 357. Koppel and his wife Caroline are both listed as 48 years old. He and Heinrich and Leopold are sausage makers. They were all born in Austria. Their children living with them are Heinrich, William, Leopold, Moritz, Minna and Therese. Unaccounted for are Julia, Kate and Rose.
  • Diagram of Wollner graves at Salem Fields Cemetery. This is a diagram of the Wollner Plot at Salem Fields Cemetery, 775 Jamaica Ave., Brooklyn, NY. Here are buried Koppelman and Caroline Wollner, and their children--Henry, William, Theresa, Maurice, Kate, and Minnie. Also buried are Kate's husband Sol Mitchell Grouse and two of their daughters, Bella and Sarah Estelle Grouse. With Minnie Wollner is her husband Herman Cohn. Rosa Wollner who was William Wollner's wife for a very brief time before his death.
  • Stone of Leopold and Rosie Wollner, Waldheim Cemetery, Illinois. Leopold Wollner (Yiddish name of Leiv Asher, son of Yaakov) died age 78 on 20 Jan 1928; Rosie Schlenger, his wife, died, age 52, in 1915. They are buried in the Austrian Galacia section of Beth Israel Congregation in Waldheim Cemetery, 1400 S. Des Plaines Avenue, Proviso (Lake Forest) Illinois near Chicago. Leopold was a butcher with his father, Koppelman (Jacob or Yaakov) in NYC and then a cloth cutter in Chicago, where he lived for about 50 years. Rosie was his third wife--she made it to 52. His other wives, Zerliene (Carlina) and Dora died in their 30's and 20's.
  • Solomon M. Grouse and Katie Wollner Grouse. Katie Wollner and her husband, Solomon Mitchell Grouse, on their 25th wedding anniversary in 1897 in Brooklyn, NY
  • Kate Wollner Grouse Death Certificate. Kate Wollner Grouse, wife of Solomon Mitchell Grouse and sister of Julia Wollner Pollak, died on 9 Oct. 1935 in Brooklyn at the age of 83 years 7 months and 3 days. According to her certificate she was a housewife, born in Austria who came to the US 60 years ago in 1865; her parents were Koppelman Wollner of Austria and Caroline Fleischman of Austira. Kate Wollner Grouse is buried in the Wollner Plot in Salem Fields, Brooklyn, NY
  • Solomon Mitchell Grouse Death Certificate in 1939. Death certificate # 19228 of Solomon Mitchell Grouse, widow of Katie Wollner Grouse. He died in Brooklyn State Hospital on 21 Sept. 1939; his residence was 1755 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn. He is buried in Salem Fields Cemetery. He was born on 8 Dec. 1847 in England and had been in the US for 75 years. He was an Auctioneer for 55 years and had last worked in 1933. His father's name was Joseph and his mother's maiden name was Rebecca Jacobson according to Dorothy Grouse, daughter, who was the informant.
  • Death Certificate of Caroline Fleischman Wollner. Caroline Wollner, mother of Julia Wollner, lived to be 96 years and 8 months old. She had apparently lived in NYC for 41 years when she died!
  • Wilhelm Wollner Death Certificate in 1879. Wilhelm Wollner, brother of Julia Wollner, died age 35 yrs., 6 mo. and 25 days on 5 Nov. 1879 in NYC (Certificate 332624). He was a butcher, who had resided in NYC for 11 years, making his date of immigration 1868. His parents were born in Hungaria Austria and he died at 230 E. 53rd St, in the 19th Ward of NYC. He was buried at Salem Field Cemetery on 6 Nov. 1879. One can still see his memorial stone.
  • Sol and Kate Wollner Grouse Family in 1897. This is a beautiful souvenir photo of Solomon Mitchell Grouse, his wife, Kate Wollner Grouse, and their nine children taken for their Silver Anniversary in 1897. This picture was kindly given by me by Charles Grouse.
  • Katie Wollner's Marriage Certificate. Katie Wollner married Solomon Mitchell Grouse (Grous), an Englishman, in 1872 in NYC. They had 9 children living with them in Brooklyn in the 1900 NY Census.
  • William Grouse Birth Certificate August 1880. Birth certificate 300309 NYC 1880. Unnamed male Grouse, 5th child, born 30 August 1880 to Katie "Walmer" Grouse and Saul M. Grouse, of 512 E 89th St., NYC. Katie's age was given as 30, birthplace Austria. Saul is listed as a butcher, age 33, born in Austria. The certificate was filed 10 Dec. 1880. (Kate Walmer, really Wollner, is Julia Wollner Pollak's sister.) Saul's name is normally given as Solomon Mitchell.
  • Cemetery Stone of Koppelman Wollner in Salem Field. Here lies {K Wollner} died in 67th year of life on the 14th of Decemter 1884. This photo of Koppelman Wollner's stone was made by Carol P. McCoy in the Salem Fields Cemetery, off Jackie Robinson Parkway (Cypress Hills Road) in Queens, NY on 3 March 2003. According to the Salem Field Records, Caroline Fleischman Wollner, his wife, who died in 1909 at the age of 96, was buried next to him. Unfortunately since she outlived the Wollners, she has no marker.

  • Wiskes

  • "Prescott Barker Wiske as a small boy". Prescott Baker Wiske looking like Little Lord Fontleroy in photos, taken from an old family album.
  • Jane Wiske, artist, marries Rawley Deering McCoy on October 11, 1947 at Christ Church, Bronxville, NY
  • Jane Wiske and Rawley D. McCoy family on October 11, 1947. The group at Jane and Rawley's wedding at the home of the bride's mother, Kathryn Wiske. Seated are Jane & Rawley McCoy with Sissy (Utz) Wayman kneeling. Back L to R: Carol (McCoy)Auer (groom's sister), John Evans McCoy (groom's brother), Buddy (Utz) McGhee, Bernie Auer, Kathryn Wiske (bride's mother), Paul McGhee, Frances Wiske (C. Mortimer's widow), Betty McCoy (John's wife), Connie & Paul McCoy (groom's parents)
  • Newspaper obituary of C. Mortimer Wiske, musician and choral director
  • Jane Wiske as a teenager around 16 years old, 1930s.
  • John Wiske & Family, 1977. John Wiske with his wife, Martha, and children Paul, Prescott, Martha Stone and Ann in 1977
  • Grave Stone of Johnny Whiskey in Catskills, NY. Long shot of the marker of Johnny and Elizabeth Whiskey in the Old Burial Ground, Catskill, N.Y. Also, a close up of John Whiskey's stone, indicating he died in 1827. Johnny Whiskey was captured aboard the Macedonian in 1812, and escaped in New London where he married Elizabeth (Betsy) Rogers. They later removed to Catskill, N.Y. Johnny Whiskey is listed in the 1820 Census as living in Greene County, N.Y. (where Catskill is.)
  • C. Mortimer Wiske and Jane Wiske C. Mortimer Wiske (Father of Prescott Wiske) with his granddaughter Jane at Bryant Pond.
  • Prescott Barker Wiske as a Young Lad , future husband of Kathryn M. Utz
  • Charles Henry Whiskey/Wiske (1818-1877) CH Wiske, Father of C. Mortimer Wiske, in Troy, NY.)--father of C. Mortimer Wiske, was born in New London, C.H. Whiskey and grew up in Catskill, NY. He married Louisa Boynton in Bennington, VT in 1852, and the couple moved to Troy, Rensselaer County, NY where C.H. Wiske ran a parasol shop on Congress Street.
  • Charles Mortimer Wiske (c 1895) father of C. Mortimer Wiske, was born in New London, C.H. Whiskey and grew up in Catskill, NY. He married Louisa Boynton in Bennington, VT in 1852, and the couple moved to Troy, Rensselaer County, NY where C.H. Wiske ran a parasol shop on Congress Street.
  • Wiske Family Bible--Births Birth records of Charles Mortimer Wiske born 12 Jan 1853; My Louise Wiske b. 9 Aug 1878, Prescott Barker Wiske b. 21 Nov 1887
  • Birch Villa, Bryant Pond, Maine built by C. Mortimer Wiske. Summer residence built by C. Mortimer Wiske starting 1902.
  • The Frigate Macedonian During the War of 1812 the Macedonian was defeated and captured by Stephan Decator. The hobbled ship was brought into New London, Connecticut in December 1812. The surviving crew were imprisoned in a barn there. John Whiskey, who had been impressed into the British navy as a young boy, managed to escape from his prison-barn, and soon married Betsey Rogers, daughter of Ichobad Rogers of New London, in the Spring of 1813. Johnny Whiskey, C.H. Wiske's Father, served on the Macedonian when it was a British ship in the War of 1812. It was captured by Stephen Decatur and refitted as an American ship. Johnny Whiskey escaped in New London and married Betsy Rogers.
  • Prescott B. Wiske (1887-1944); husband of Kathryn M. Utz, in his military uniform
  • Jane Wiske in Elementary School. Jane Wiske in Bronxville Elementary School about 4th Grade. Jane is against the black board. The girl to her right is her friend, Dusty Wilkins, later Dusty Myers.

  • Samuel Pollak and His Brother Ignatius Pollak

  • Wedding certificate of Sam Pollak and Julia Wollner
  • Sam Pollak Drowns in New Jersey 1883 , Sam Pollak was a successful business merchant. He drowned tragically at the age of 40 before his family at the Jersey Shore July 29, 1883.
  • Sam Pollock and His Wife, Washington DC circa 1880. These pictures were found in an antique store in Kentucky. While we are not sure, they may be pictures of Sam Pollock and Julia Wollner. The portrait of Mrs. Pollock looks strikingly like Alice Leal Pollock, the daughter of Julia Wollner Pollock. actress.
  • Pollak's Dollar Store, Montgomery, Alabama. Newspaper photo from a Montgomery Alabama newspaper, showing the store, known as a dollar store because it operated on a cash versus barter basis. (courtesy Marcia Collier)
  • Borkenau, home of Ignatius Pollak in Cullman, Alabama , Sam Pollak's brother and business partner, Ignatius Pollak, built a beautiful home named "Borkenau", meaning pleasant meadows, in 1909 in Cullman City, Alabama. The home burned down in 1912, and was rebuilt as is shown in this photo. Supposedly Robert Pollak, the son of Ignatius, designed this version of Borkenau. It is a historic landmark in Cullman.
  • Robert Raphael Pollak, son of Ignatius and nephew of Sam Pollak. Robert Raphael Pollak, the son of Ignatius Pollak (Sam Pollak's brother), graduated from Harvard in 1902. This is his yearbook picture. Robert moved to California and Nevada, and worked for many years on mining projects with his cousins, Rudy and Albin Pollak. Robert died in Mina, Nevada in 1948.
  • A Picture of Pollak & Company, Montgomery. take from a detail of a large map of Montgomery Alabama found at the Alabama State Archives (courtesy Marcia Collier)
  • Advertisement for Pollak and Co. A newspaper advertisement from 1877 for Pollak and Company Dry Goods in a Montgomery, Alabama newspaper
  • Part of Ignatius Pollak Article. Page one of the article on Ignatius Pollak by Dr. Sylvia Morris in the July 2002 issue of the Alabama Review.

  • Descendants of Samuel Pollak and Julia Wollner

  • Portrait of Wilma Pollock, Connie McCoy's sister . Wilma Vera Pollock, daughter of Sam Pollock and Julia Wollner, graduated from Barnard College in NYC. She became a social worker and wrote the Upps of Suffolk Street (a Yiddish farce) based on some of the families she worked with in settlement houses in NYC. She never married and died on Riverside Drive, NYC in June of 1948.
  • .Rudolf Robert Pollock, Connie McCoy's Brother. formal portrait of the handsome Rudy Pollok, who pioneered methods of drilling for oil in California.
  • Alice Pollock, sister of Connie Pollock McCoy Alice Leal Pollock, daughter of Sam Pollock and Julia Wollner, was a successful stage actress who won the Belasco Award for Theater in 1908. She wrote the first libretto in English (Cleopatra) for an opera performed at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. She bears a striking resemblance to her mother.
  • Irma Constance Pollock as a girl.
  • Paul McCoy and Irma (Connie) Pollock. Paul McCoy and Irma (Connie) Pollock on their wedding day, Feb. 9, 1909 in NYC
  • Julia Pollock with her son Rudolf and grandson, Rue Julia Pollock, mother of Irma Constance Pollock, with Julia's second son, Rudolf R. Pollok, and his son, Roosevelt Rene Pollok in California, where Rudy lived. Photo is courtesy of Lori Pollok Muir, Julia's great grandchild.
  • Julia, Rudy, Albin and Irma Pollock 1922. Julia Pollak (Pollock) with her sons, Rudolph and Albin, and her daughter Irma (Connie) Mcoy. Carol McCoy, Irma's daughter, and Rue Pollok, Rudy's son are seated in front.
  • Albin Pollock with his niece, Carol and nephew Rue. Albin Pollock with his niece, Carol McCoy (later Auer) and his nephew, Rue Pollok, in 1922.
  • Rudy Pollock with his son, Rue, 1922. Rudy Pollock and his son, Rue, in 1922 in California. Rudy was a hot shot at finding oil. He was sometimes called "Duke."
  • Julia Pollock, Connie McCoy's Mother. Julia Pollock, matriarch of the Pollock family, in a photo taken at the McCoy Family Home in Bronxville, NY in the 1920's or 1930's.
  • Albin J. Pollak/Pollock with his wife, Louise. Albin Jay Pollak with his second wife, Louise Meyer Sprouls, in the 1920s.
  • Irma Pollock (later Connie McCoy) about age 16. Irma Constance Pollock, was the daughter of Samuel and Julia Wollner Pollock. She was born in April 1882 in NYC and died in Feb of 1891! She graduated from Hunter College in NYC, married Paul McCoy in NYC in 1909, and was a scintillating and gregarious woman until the day she died.
  • Albin Pollock from the Underworld Speaks. Albin Jacob Pollock wrote an interesting book, The Underworld Speaks, published by the FBI to help people spot gangsters by the way they spoke. Note Albin's rather interesting signature below his distinguished portrait.
  • Rudolf Robert Pollak, son of Sam and Julia. Rudy Pollak was a successful oil prospector and a dapper dresser. A dashing and smiling Rudy Pollock as a young man. He was a successful oil man who mined for oil in California in the early 1900s.
  • Pollak Picnic in California Early 1920s. Julia Pollock, dressed in black, with her sons Rudy and Albin and her daughter Irma (Connie) McCoy; Connie's daughter Carol is hidden in the shadows up front and Rudy's son Rue is also in the front.
  • Upps of Suffolk Street by Wilma Pollock. Wilma Pollock was a successful journalist. She wrote her only novel about a Jewish matchmaker, Kuppelman Upp,in 1935.
  • .Alice Leal Pollock, Actress and Writer. Alice Leal Pollock, daughter of Sam Pollock and Julia Wollner, was a successful stage actress who won the Belasco Award for Theater in 1908. She wrote the first libretto in English (Cleopatra) for an opera performed at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. She bears a striking resemblance to her mother.
  • Irma (Connie) Pollock and Paul McCoy's 50th Anniversary. Irma (Connie) Pollak married Paul McCoy on Feb. 9, 1909 in NYC. Here they are at their 50th wedding anniversary in the home of their daughter, Carol McCoy Auer, in Bronxville, NY.
  • Wilma Vera Pollak, Author and Social Worker. Wilma Vera Pollock, daughter of Sam Pollock and Julia Wollner, graduated from Barnard College in NYC. She became a social worker and wrote the Upps of Suffolk Street (a Yiddish farce) based on some of the families she worked with in settlement houses in NYC. She never married and died on Riverside Drive, NYC in June of 1948.
  • Rudolph Pollock, son of Samuel and Julia Pollock. informal picture of Rudy Pollok, looking very dapper.

  • Neander

  • Photos of the original Civil War records of George Henry Wilhelm Neander who was a Captain in Company A of the First Regiment Second Bridgade NYS Militia in the Civil War.

  • Boyton

  • Nancy Wheeler Boynton's Obituary

  • MAPS

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