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Dr. Carol P. McCoy, President of Find-Your-Roots, can help you meet your family research goals in many ways-as researcher, writer, organizer, coach, presenter and workshop leader.

Researcher. She is an expert researcher and relentless "family detective", who utilizes traditional sources, such as court house records, archival records, libraries near and far as well as the internet, historical society contacts, and other personal contacts to reach your family history goals. By working with contacts found in the research process, she often discovers photographs and mementos of your family along with client's long-lost relatives.

Writer. As a published author with a doctorate in psychology, she has honed her writing skills. She enjoys preparing genealogical reports using the Family Tree Maker computer program, which produces a variety of pedigree, descendant and ancestor charts, and family group sheets, and professional reports, which include documentation of sources. She can print the report for you or send you the computer file for your use on your own computer.

Presenter. An enjoyable, informative, and engaging speaker, Dr. McCoy loves to speak about genealogy and family history. She can provide workshops or presentations for your historical or genealogy society, conference, or other organization that wants to encourage an interest in family history.

Coach and Guide. As a lifelong teacher and coach, she also enjoys helping other people who want to trace their own roots learn to become better genealogists. In addition, having taught presentation skills for over 25 years, Dr. McCoy can help you learn to be a better family history presenter yourself.

Organizer. Are you overwhelmed with a massive amount of data, objects, and memorabilia that someone has left you? Would you like help in creating a system to preserve your family history so you can find what you need or share it with others? I can help you with this!

Services include:
  • Researching family history and genealogy
  • Conducting workshops and presentations on genealogy and family history
  • Creating a family history with photos, maps, clippings, and memorabilia
  • Conducting research on land and houses to learn the history of your home
  • Coaching and workshops to improve your skills at family research
  • Helping you to organize your family research and memorabilia

Rawley, my father, as a child
Rawley, my father, as a child
in front of his Greenwich Village
home around 1918.

Genealogy and Family Research Presentations

By Carol P. McCoy, Ph.D.

Dr. McCoy will be pleased to give talks or workshops for your group. She can give presentations of one hour to one and one-half hour as well as longer workshops given individually or in a series.

She has an informative, engaging and motivating style and uses many examples to enliven her talks. While some of her topics are listed below, she can also speak on other topics as well.

Keys to Successful Presentations. Learn tips and tactics for giving successful presentations. Enjoy a humorous approach to overcoming an activity many people approach with dread--public speaking. This discussion will help you give presentations with more confidence and impact by planning for success, structuring your content, creating useful visual aids, and learning ways to increase your confidence in delivering talks and workshops. Dr. McCoy has over 30 years experience giving talks, lectures and workshops to audiences large and small and to a wide range of audiences on a variety of subjects, including genealogy. She can also help you as an individual speaking coach.

Making the Most of Census Research. Learn tips and tactics to make the most of your census research. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and use a variety of censuses to learn about your ancestors and track down those elusive relatives. Get beyond the census indexes and broaden your focus beyond a specific relative to get the whole story.

Finding Your Family Roots in New England-Sound Strategies for Genealogical Research. Learn tips and tactics for locating your ancestors with New England roots. Find ways to maximize traditional resources, historical societies, family mementos, and the internet to learn about your family heritage. Create a solid research plan and avoid common pitfalls in genealogical research.

Enriching Genealogy with Memorabilia and Pictures. There is only so much excitement that can be generated from ancestor charts and family group sheets. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. Find out types of memorabilia that can enrich your family history and become inspired to locate them! Share ideas of what others have done to enliven their stories to give people a feel for what their ancestors' lives were like.

Tracing Your Ancestors-Getting Started. This talk presents the fundamentals of genealogy and family research to help people get started on a solid foundation. Learn how to unravel family mysteries and avoid common pitfalls in genealogical research.

Creative Ways to Solve Genealogical Problems. Have you hit the proverbial brick wall or road block in your genealogical research? Is an ancestor or two eluding you and hiding from the census taker or the town clerk? Learn some solid strategies and ways to take a fresh look at what you've tried and what else you can do to find those pesky hidden ancestors.

Finding Your Roots-Unpuzzling Your Past. A six-session workshop series. Are you curious about your ancestors-who they were, where they lived, what they did, who you take after? This fun and inspiring workshop will help you to learn sound techniques for tracing your family genealogy and history. Using Emily Croom's best-selling book, Unpuzzling Your Past as a spring-board, this class will teach you ways to track down your ancestors, learn more about their lives, and create a meaningful family history.
  • Session One-Getting Started
  • Session Two-Keys to Success in Genealogy
  • Session Three-Understanding the Census
  • Session Four-Vital Records
  • Session Five-Building on Others' Work
  • Session Six-Organizing and Digging Deeper

    The Maine-Canada-Ireland Connection-Seeking Rogers' Roots. An intriguing and entertaining case study shows how we discovered the Canadian and Irish roots of the Rogers' family who lived in Brewer Maine in 1850. Learn how US and Canadian census, land, probate, historical, cemetery, and newspaper records as well as archival material, online sites and databases and internet contacts can bring a complex family history to life.

    Finding Treasures in Cumberland County Maine Deeds—Why Use Deeds in Your Research? . Deeds are a valuable research tool especially when early probate records have been destroyed. Carved from York in 1760, early Cumberland County covers areas which later became Oxford, Androscoggin and other counties. This lecture will clarify ways to use deeds effectively and inspire people to use them to discover family relationships, locations, and other key information.

  • Geographic Areas of Focus
    • New England as a whole
    • Concentration in Maine, especially Cumberland, Lincoln, Kennebec, York, and Androscoggin Counties
    • New York, especially New York City, and the following counties-Westchester , Washington, Greene, Saratoga, Rensselaer, and Suffolk (Long Island)
    • Connecticut, especially the New London area
    • Vermont, especially Bennington
    • West Virginia, especially the following counties-Tyler, Marion, Monongalia, Ohio, Brooke, Pleasant, and Lewis counties
    • New Jersey

    Ancestral Home of Colonel John Evans
    in Monongalia County West Virginia

    How Family Research Can Benefit You

    • Preserve your family history so it can be shared and passed on to others.
    • Create a treasured family heirloom that will bring your family closer together.
    • Learn more about your genealogical makeup! Discover why you are the way you are.
    • Discover and meet new relatives.
    • Enhance your appreciation of history and the struggles that your ancestors faced.
    • Have a deeper understanding of yourself and your family.
    • Learn the skills, talents, business background and mysteries of your family.
    • Discover family photos and articles and other family treasures!

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