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Creative Ways to Solve a Genealogy Problem--where to look when they are not in the census or vital records
Participant evaluations included the following comments:
-"Dr. McCoy's presentation was excellent. So much helpful information and presented so well. Very motivating."
-"Dr. McCoy made me really interested in the Mitchell family. Excellent presentation."
-"Excellent. Incredible."
-"McCoy was great."
-"Very interesting story; wonderful presenter."
-"Wonderful speaker; great choice; fabulous!"

Using Tax Records in Genealogy--How Taxes Can Be a Good Thing
Talking about tax records is no easy matter, but Dr. Carol P. McCoy accomplished her task with assured confidence and vast knowledge of the material to be discussed! Dr. McCoy is a professional! She knows her material well and keeps the subject light without being boring. She encourages the idea of searching tax records for answers to family research and to provide new details about life styles. She explains why tax records are not to be over-looked for people who have come up against "brick walls" and who need answers about their families' past.
Well done Dr. Carol P. McCoy!
Virginia B. Link, Governor
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Maine

Using Tax Records in Genealogy -- How Taxes Can Be a Good Thing
Thank you so much. Your presentation on Using Taxes in Genealogy was really top notch! You were personable, presented information in a very accessible way, and clearly have a depth of knowledge about many kinds of genealogical records. Great program! I know everyone got a lot out of a relatively short amount of time. I went home after your presentation and started mining in a much more sophisticated way and immediately found two very cool tax records for a couple of my forebears. Amazing and immensely satisfying.
All the best,
Katie Murphy,
President North Yarmouth Historical Association

Carol McCoy's workshop, Crafty Ways to Solve Genealogical Problems, was a huge hit with my group. She showed us new strategies to find those lost relatives. The workshop was very informative and attendees are asking when she is coming back. One even spoke to a board member about what a great workshop it was! Thanks Carol. Can't wait to have you back.
K Hartsgrove
Newport Cultural Center
Board Chair

"Foundations of Genealogy" - Boston University Certificate Program in Genealogy
Carol McCoy taught the first module of the Boston University Certificate Program in Genealogical Research during its summer session in 2009. From the start, it was apparent that she was a skilled communicator with years of experience in the art of instruction. Carol adeptly covered the topics of evidence, sources, and the Genealogical Proof Standard laying a solid foundation for the ensuing class modules. She was knowledgeable, helpful, and a joy to learn from. I very much look forward to attending her future conference lectures.
Alexandra Stocker
Principal, Tracelines Research

"Creative Ways to Solve Genealogical Problems"
part of the "Come Spring Conference" Camden, ME 6/9/2009 We were pleased to have Carol speak at the 2009 Come Spring Conference, which was attended by more than 60 people representing midcoast Maine's historical societies, museums and libraries. Carol's presentation "Creative Ways to Solve Genealogical Problems" was fascinating, and her enthusiasm for the topic was contagious! Her real-life experiences kept her presentation lively and informative, and I learned many time-saving research tricks to help steer our customers around those genealogical brick walls.
Heather Bilodeau
Director of the Edward J. Walsh History Center at the Camden Public Library

Re: Maine-Canada-Ireland Connection (20 Sep 2008 in Westbrook, Maine)
Recently I had the opportunity to attend the New England Family History Conference in Franklin, Ma where Carol Mc Coy, PhD was a presenter.

Carol's class on The Maine-Canada-Ireland Connection--Seeking Rogers' helped me greatly in the approach that I have been taking to do my own genealogy of the Rodgers family in New Brunswick. She took us on a step-by-step search back in time with all the sources that she researched on a Maine ancestor. The class helped me by giving me ideas about where I should look for more information and gave me the right questions I should ask.

After the class, I went to the Ancestors Road Show for a 15-minute one-on-one conversation with Carol. We discussed my individual research and the area I should approach next. She suggested that I do more investigations with the Catholic diocese, home owner's records, city directories, and vital records of my ancestors.

With Carol's suggestions, I am confident that I will find much more information than I was able to find on my own. After talking with her, I am hoping that my research will take me to Ireland. I appreciate Carol and her efforts in helping me, as well as others, in tracing their roots.

Ginni Burke, New Hampshire

Re: Strategies for New England Research (9 Sep 2008 in Auburn, MA.)
Hello Carol,
I so thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Strategies for New England Research at the Worcester Chapter of the Mass Society of Genealogists in Auburn. Through your enthusiasm and humor, you have given me a fresh perspective to my research. I was particularly in need of your suggestions on organizing my research. Through my family lines I seem to find myself jumping around and often lose my focus.

Your topic was especially valuable to me as 99% of my ancestors are New England based. Previous to that they came from England in the 1600-1700's.

Again, I was really encouraged by your presentation and look forward to hearing you speak again.

Thank you, Elaine H. Benjamin

Carol McCoy spoke at the MSOG-Worcester Chapter on September 9, 2007 in Auburn,MA. She gave a wonderful, stimulating lecture on Strategies to use on New England Research! Her lecture was organized, detailed and beneficial to both new and experienced researchers. I would like to hear her lecture again in the near future. Carol is an enthusiastic speaker!

Karen Trearchis

Carol's presentation to our chapter was excellent! She facilitated a discussion on the often-intimidating subject of public speaking, entitled "Keys to Successful Presentations." Not only was it interesting and helpful; it was fun! She has a real talent for drawing people into a discussion.

Diane Florence Gravel, CG
President, New England Chapter, Association of Professional Genealogists

Thank you for doing your talk on Sound Strategies for New England Genealogy Research for our historical society. It was a lot of fun and very informative. Your enthusiasm is contagious! You can really tell you thoroughly enjoy what you do. The response from the group after the meeting was very positive. Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon!

Mary Anderson, Program Committee Member,
Limerick (Maine) Historical Society

We were pleased to have Carol McCoy as a speaker at our 2007 conference [Maine Genealogical Society 2007 Annual Conference]. She is a dynamic speaker whose enthusiasm in genealogical research is readily apparent and contagious. Carol's delivery of material, no matter its complexity, is well-grounded and straightforward. Her presentations are very easy to relate to because she makes extensive use of real-life experiences and examples to illustrate the subject matter. I have sat in on a couple presentations by Carol at other events and would pretty much sum up the experience as "Exciting and Motivating!"

Dale W. Mower
President, Maine Genealogical Society

Dr. Carol McCoy was the main speaker at our Sixth Annual Genealogy Conference in August 2007. She also did a workshop in the morning. All the comments from participants were very positive with no negatives — they said they learned a lot and that the handouts were extremely helpful. Carol was very organized, easy to talk to, on time and very prepared. Our Chapter would not hesitate to ask her to speak again.

Marilyn Dennis, Regent
Silence Howard Hayden Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution

Hi Carol, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talks today (Making the Most of the Census and Enriching Genealogy with Memorabilia.) You are so enthusiastic! Just makes one want to go home and get started on new things. I always learn something new at each conference. As always, I appreciate that you think 'outside of the box' and talk about some of the less used sources. You make it very clear that good documented research is not completed overnight, but takes a lot of well thought out work. So many thanks for all your work.

Janice Gower, Frequent contributor to Maine Families in 1790 and a member of the Maine Genealogical Society Executive Committee

Course: Finding Your Roots--Unpuzzling Your Past.
A wonderful experience which generated new information as well as new findings. I have taken a course with Carol before. She has "ways to wonder" that are most helpful. - Deborah Goss

Course: Finding Your Roots--Unpuzzling Your Past.
Thumbs up for this course. The instructor was well prepared! - Harold E. Leland

Course: Finding Your Roots--Unpuzzling Your Past.
Carol is a very knowledgeable instructor. She brings her passions and sense of humor to every class. Great tips and ideas on how to get started. This course is great for beginners and anyone who's been working for years in the field. I'm more focused after taking her class. - Cindy Legassie

Course: Finding Your Roots--Unpuzzling Your Past.
This course helped me better understand possible resources and where to look. It is rich in case studies so it brings a good sense of reality. - Barb Hager

Dear Carol,
I wanted to send this note as a way of thanking you for the many benefits that I received from your genealogy class. You guided me toward the appropriate research tools and infused my research with an energy and excitement that I had not felt before. I will recommend your classes and professional services whenever the opportunity arises.
Thank you so much,
Debbie Goss

Dear Carol,
I have been working on my genealogy. From what I learned in the class I've made two big discoveries. I found out the name of the ship my grandfather came to the U.S. on. (It was called the United States of all things!) This is something I've wanted to know for 20 years! I also wrote to the New York Vital records for my great grandparents' marriage certificate. I received it a few weeks ago, and for the first time I know what their parents names were. It felt really good to have these successes, both in terms of the genealogy and just being able to take and enjoy a class!Thanks so much for your help.
-Carole Starr

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