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Sample Reports

  • Photographs of Records Relating to John Harden of Hartford, NY - Harden Family Research — Photos of Harden Family Documents and Monuments written Nov 2004.
    This report focused on Captain John Harden (b. 1750 - d. 1825 in Hartford, Washington Co. NY) and his son Ezekiel Harden (b. 1797 in Rensselaer Co. NY - d. 1844 in Oneida Co. NY.) Ezekiel Harden married Sara Keith, daughter of Henry Keith, who lived near John Harden in Pittstown Albany Co. NY in the 1790 federal census. This Power Point report is a supplement to the Family Tree Maker genealogy report. It includes digital photos, and scanned images of some relevant early deeds, census records including early military census records for Albany county NY, road tax records in Hartford NY (which helped to identify names, ages, migration of John Harden's children), tombstones, probate records.
  • Descendants of Captain John Harden(1750-1825) of Albany county NY and Hartford NY Through Three Generations by Carol P. McCoy July 2007.
    This is a very detailed book produced by Family Tree Maker software showing descendants of John Harden who died in Hartford NY in 1825. John Harden served in the Revolutionary War as well as the militia. He lived in Schaghticoke region of Albany county NY, Pittstown NY in 1790, and in Hartford, Washington county NY from 1799 until his death in 1825. The report includes a detailed family group sheet, summary descendant charts, a register style generation report, an index and over 300 footnotes. These Hardens were of Scottish ancestry, and John Harden's descendants eventually moved to McConnellsville, Oneida county, NY and founded the Harden Furniture Company.
  • Descendants of Richard Crockett by Carol P. McCoy, Ph.D. with notes of David Crockett, Ph.D. June 2007.
    This four generation report, produced by Family Tree Maker software, focuses on descendants of Richard Crockett (1682-1757) and his wife Deborah Haley (1683 - aft 1717) both of Maine and New Hampshire. The fourth generation centers around Ephraim Crockett (1755-1835) of Cape Elizabeth, Danville, and Durham, Maine and his wife Rebecca Stanford (1777-1839) of Falmouth, Maine. The assignment was to find out and document details of Richard Crockett, his son Richard Crockett, and his son Ephraim Crockett.
  • Sample Deed Report for Richard, Ephraim and Samuel Crockett in Cumberland and Androscoggin County Maine written by Carol P. McCoy June 2007.
    The Crockett family of Cumberland county Maine was involved in numerous land transactions. Many Crockett names are repeated over time and the deed books do not list the details of dates or locations. This report summarizes early deeds for Richard Crockett, Ephraim Crockett and Samuel Crockett found in Cumberland County Maine Deeds 1760-1870, as well as early deeds for David and Joseph Crockett in Androscoggin County Maine in the 1850s. The report lists names of grantors/grantees and shows volume and page numbers. In cases where I thought the deeds were relevant to this research project, I included dates and locations and other details. The report will be helpful should anyone wish to investigate the original deeds for Richard, Ephraim and Samuel Crockett.

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