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Rawley Deering McCoy as a Young Man
Rawley Deering McCoy as...
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Carol McCoy Auer, Daughter of Paul & Connie McCoy
Carol McCoy Auer, Daugh...
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Jane McCoy with Carol, Kate and baby Jane 1958
Jane McCoy with Carol, ...
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Jane McCoy, Kate McCoy Joy, Carol McCoy 1999
Jane McCoy, Kate McCoy ...
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McCoy & Auer Children in 1952
McCoy & Auer Children i...
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Carol & Bernie Auer with Family
Carol & Bernie Auer wit...
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John & Rawley McCoy as Boys
John & Rawley McCoy as ...
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Connie & Paul McCoy 1927
Connie & Paul McCoy 192...
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Connie and Paul McCoy in Paris, 1929
Connie and Paul McCoy i...
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Connie McCoy about 1956
Connie McCoy about 1956
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John and Rawley McCoy with Connie McCoy, 1920s
John and Rawley McCoy w...
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John, Rawley, Carol, Connie and Paul McCoy 1920s
John, Rawley, Carol, Co...
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Our Mission

Every family is unique.
Dr. McCoy's mission is to help people discover:

  • Where did I come from?
  • Who are my kin?
  • What makes my family special?

In so doing they will gain a deeper understanding of their family stories, connect with kin, and create a family treasure to share.