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Increase Your Resilience in the Face of Change

MAY 2001

By Dr. Carol McCoy

Have you ever been laid off from work or had to deal with the possibility of losing your job? Ever taken on new responsibilities that you weren't sure you could handle? Ever been through a merger where the company changed so significantly you didn't feel like it was the same place anymore? Ever been married or divorced? Ever had children or inherited children through an extended family?

We deal with constant change in our daily lives. Resilience -- the ability to bounce back and thrive during change -- may be the most important competency of the 21st century. How can we become more resilient? There are ways to develop this critical skill.

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Turning resistance into commitment


By Dr. Carol McCoy

Imagine you're the new sales and service manager of a traditional company that has been struggling to keep up with competition. You've been hired to create new, innovative products, increase sales, and turn around the company's tarnished service image.

To keep the company afloat, you'll need to make many changes. You know that workers, who feel stretched trying to keep up with their current workloads, will resent needing to learn new products and procedures. How can you get employees to buy-in to the new way?

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Change-Challenged? Don't Fight It

February 22, 2000 -- FORUM -- Page 2C By Dr. Carol McCoy

PORTLAND-- Mergers, acquisitions, down-sizing, right-sizing, reorganization, new ventures, changing technology, and changing directions are the watchwords of today's organizations. We also face a blur of constant change in our personal lives -- birth , marriage, graduation, death, divorce, separation, new neighbors, changing health, changing economic status, new educational demands, and on and on.

While change brings stress and demands for coping skills, it also brings renewed energy, revitalization, new ideas, new business opportunities, a chance to form new relationships, use new skills, shed old ways and attitudes that no longer serve us, and an opportunity to improve how we live our lives.

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