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"The Maine-Canada-Ireland Connection: Seeking Rogers' Roots" & New England Family History Conference

Sponsor:The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints
Date:March 28, 2009
Location:91 Jordan Road, Franklin Massachusetts, (LDS Church) (will open in early January, 2009
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The Maine Canada Ireland Connection: Seeking Rogers Roots. An entertaining case study shows how we discovered the Canadian and Irish roots of the Rogers' family who lived in Brewer in 1850. Learn how US and Canadian census, land, probate, historical, and newspaper records as well as archival material, online sites and databases and internet contacts can bring a complex family history to life. This case focuses on helpful resources in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as in Maine.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the New England Family History Conference in Franklin, Ma where Carol Mc Coy, PhD was a presenter. Carol's class on The Maine-Canada-Ireland Connection--Seeking Rogers' helped me greatly in the approach that I have been taking to do my own genealogy of the Rodgers family in New Brunswick. She took us on a step-by-step search back in time with all the sources that she researched on a Maine ancestor. The class helped me by giving me ideas about where I should look for more information and gave me the right questions I should ask. After the class, I went to the Ancestors Road Show for a 15-minute one-on-one conversation with Carol. We discussed my individual research and the area I should approach next. She suggested that I do more investigations with the Catholic diocese, home owner's records, city directories, and vital records of my ancestors. With Carol's suggestions, I am confident that I will find much more information than I was able to find on my own. After talking with her, I am hoping that my research will take me to Ireland. I appreciate Carol and her efforts in helping me, as well as others, in tracing their roots.
Ginni Burke, New Hampshire

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