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Using Deeds in Genealogy Research

Sponsor: New England Regional Genealogical Consortium Conference
Date: Thursday, 18 April 2013
Location: Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Manchester, New Hampshire
Note: Dr. Carol P. McCoy will also be participating at the Ancestor Road Show at NERGCC 2013.

Deeds are a valuable research tool especially when early probate records and vital records aren't available. Often overlooked, deeds can help you overcome problems and find lost ancestors. Learn how to make the most of land records in your genealogy research.

Endorsement: "Carol McCoy is a dynamic speaker whose enthusiasm in genealogical research is readily apparent and contagious. Carol's delivery of material, no matter its complexity, is well-grounded and straightforward. Her presentations are very easy to relate to because she makes extensive use of real-life experiences and examples to illustrate the subject matter. I have sat in on a couple presentations by Carol at other events and would pretty much sum up the experience as "Exciting and Motivating!" (Dale W. Mower, Past President, Maine Genealogical Society) For More Information: Contact Carol McCoy at; or email Carol at or phone: 207-373-0318

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