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Using Tax Records in Genealogy--How Taxes Can Be a Good Thing

may4bSponsor: Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Maine
(Contact Virginia B. Link, Governor: )
Date: Wednesday, 4 May 2013, 1:00 p.m.
Location: Elks Lodge, Augusta, Maine

Most of us dread April 15th, but old tax records can provide valuable clues to our ancestors' lives. In the early days of America people were taxed on their property, to repair and build roads (no departments of transportation), to support the military, and to provide revenue for many reasons. Learn about the types of tax records that may be available, where to look for them, and how they can help you solve genealogy problems.

Endorsements:"I don't think anyone else could bring such enthusiasm and spark so much interest in tax records as you did! I think we had a record turnout and certainly had a captivated audience. Thanks for sharing your stories, techniques and resources and for opening up a new avenue for research." (Deb Locke, Program Chair, Greater Portland Chapter, MGS)

may4a"Your presentation on Using Taxes in Genealogy was really top notch! You were personable, presented information in a very accessible way, and clearly have a depth of knowledge about many kinds of genealogical records. Great program! I know everyone got a lot out of a relatively short amount of time. Amazing and immensely satisfying." (Katie Murphy, President, North Yarmouth Historical Association)

"Dr. Carol P. McCoy was the post-luncheon speaker at our recent Mayflower Society meeting.Talking about tax records is no easy matter, but Dr. Carol P. McCoy accomplished her task with assured confidence and vast knowledge of the material to be discussed! Dr. McCoy is a professional! She knows her material well and keeps the subject light without being boring. She encourages the idea of searching tax records for answers to family research and to provide new details about life styles. She explains why tax records are not to be over-looked for people who have come up against "brick walls" and who need answers about their families' past.
Well done Dr. Carol P. McCoy!"
(Virginia B. Link, Governor, Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Maine)

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