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Becoming a consultant: Lessons from the first year

By Dr. Carol McCoy

Over the years how many of you have developed a special expertise and been told by friends and colleagues, "Why don’t you become a consultant? You know so much and you could make so much money!"

I’ve just finished my first full year as a consultant after working for 25 years for several large organizations. How does being on my own compare with life in middle management? For me, it’s been rewarding, exhilarating, challenging, and the greatest growth experience of my life.

Why did I happen to start my own Training and Development Consulting business? This wasn’t something that I’d always dreamed of doing, but an idea that blossomed when my employer merged with another company and offered a generous early retirement package.

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Ever the teacher, McCoy coaches on business and genealogy

By Maggie Daigle

By the time she saw her first grade teacher conduct a class, Dr. Carol P. McCoy had decided that she wanted to help others learn new things. So began her career of learning, teaching, coaching and writing. While she didn¹t know then where her career would take her, looking back today, it's clear she has followed her heart and found jobs and experiences that have made her happy. It's one of the lessons that McCoy teaches others. "I like helping people to do what is fun - helping people learn what they are excited about doing," she says.

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Every family is unique.
Dr. McCoy's mission is to help people discover:

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In so doing they will gain a deeper understanding of their family stories, connect with kin, and create a family treasure to share.